5 Ways to Celebrate Nation Family Fun & Fitness Day

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"You know we are all about maintaining healthy and active lifestyles at Limitless Physical Therapy. And one of the best ways to ensure you stay active is to make fitness a family affair.
That"s why we encourage you and your family to celebrate National Family Fun & Fitness Day on June 13th with a fun fitness activity or two.
While the beautiful Willamette Valley offers a plethora of outdoor possibilities, we put
1. Go for a Hike
What"s a list like this without mentioning hiking especially in Oregon during June? You can go at a leisurely pace, talk as a family, and enjoy spectacular views. There are trails for every level from easy to challenging.
Here are some family-friendly trail recommendations for both the Eugene and Albany areas. This is by no means a definitive list because there are so many amazing hiking options in the area. Part of the family fun can be researching and choosing a hike together!
Spencer Butte Trail
Patterson Mountain Trail
Skinner Butte Trail
Takena Landing Park
Talking Water Loop
Timber Linn Park Trail
2. Take a Bike Ride
Maybe bike-riding is more of your family"s pace. Luckily, the Willamette Valley is a pretty bike-friendly area. Whether you take to the neighborhood streets or ride on a park bike path, there"s no shortage of options for you and your family.
As always, be sure to wear a helmet, carry water, and watch for pedestrians and vehicles. Safety first!
3. Get on the Water
Finally, the weather is getting warmer and drier around here, which means kayaking and paddle boarding season is about to get underway. Here are two other recommendations you might try with the fam:
Fern Ridge Reservoir There are even daily kayak and paddle board rentals at the marina.
Hyak Park Put in at this park just outside of Albany and let the river take you to numerous parks within the city limits.
And of course, the ol" reliable Willamette River has multiple spots that are ideal for all kinds of water activities. Again, we are so fortunate to have so many options within minutes.
4. Throw Some Discs
A little friendly competition never hurts and will definitely get the heart rate and adrenaline going. So why not check out your local disc golf course? No matter everyone"s skill level, disc golf can be a bonding experience for the entire family. Perhaps you"ll be able to teach one of the kids how to properly throw a disc. Or maybe they will laugh at your errant throws. course
Plus all those steps between holes will ensure everyone works up a little sweat, which is a good thing on National Family Fun & Fitness Day!
Below are some Eugene and Albany disc golf courses to check out:
Alton Baker Disc Golf Park
Westmoreland Disc Golf Course
Bryant Disc Golf Course (Albany)
Willamette Disc Golf Course (Corvallis)
5. Visit an Aquatic Center
Water slides. Wave pools. Lap swims. Hot tubs. Aquatic centers truly offer something for everyone in the family. And nothing beats a good water workout. And lucky for us in the Willamette Valley, there are some great aquatic centers throughout the area.
Amazon Pool (Eugene)
Wings and Waves Water Park (McMinnville)
Kroc Center (Salem)
Osborn Aquatic Center (Corvallis)
You might be wondering where Splash! at Lively Park is? It doesn"t open until June 19, otherwise it would probably be at the top of this list.
So, mark June 13 on your calendar and plan some fun fitness activities with your family!"

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