Anxiety Relief Training

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"It was 2 AM! I woke up out of a dead sleep I couldn"t catch my breath. My fingers were going numb, my heart was pounding, my neck hurt, my throat felt thick, something was terribly wrong. I didn"t know if I was going to pass out or have a heart attack. I was immediately pissed because this wasn"t the first time I"d had an anxiety attack. But it was the first time it had woken me up out of a perfectly good night sleep!Why would I wake up just to pass out? At this point though, I was 22 years old and I had been through this enough times to at least know what was happening. At this point, I could either call someone or get up and start doing jumping jacks. (Yes, that actually helped at times).On multiple previous occasions I had ended up in ER and had every possible test. Blood work, EKG, heart monitor, etc all signs pointed to PANIC.That can"t be right. I"m 22. I"m smart. I"m healthy. I can talk myself out of this. I"m not even panicking WTF. And then it happened again. and again and again. I spent the next 9 years worried, afraid and determined to figure it out."

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