Aquatic Therapy

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"Pain can at times be so significant that it impairs your ability to tolerate the movement and strengthening that you need to do in order to reduce your pain. It is a vicious cycle, but one that aquatic therapy can get you out of.
Aquatic therapy is essentially physical therapy in the water, which has many therapeutic qualities difficult or impossible to replicate on land. The buoyancy water supplies allows us to provide earlier intervention for faster symptom relief. It unloads your joints, making activities that are unbearable on land, such as walking or lifting up your arm, considerably more tolerable. Buoyancy also acts to resist your movements, assisting in strengthening your muscles. Due to the viscosity of water, increasing the speed of a movement increases the resistance to that movement. The hydrostatic pressure of water exerts a circumferential force around the surface of your body to decrease swelling. Finally, the warmth of the pool can increase circulation and therefore promote faster healing."

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