Awakened Soul Sisterhood

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"Magic happens when women gather in circles. Thousands of women gather in Sister Circles worldwide every month on the New Moon. In circle we heal by sharing our stories, our truth, and our wisdom. Each New Moon has a theme for transformation, sisterhood, and healing. At Awakened Soul Sisterhood, you"ll find a community of like-minded women and build connections with support from women who get IT and who get YOU. Our circle is a brave space where you can take off your armor and be honored for who you are and all you"ve been through. In this sacred gathering of women, we align with the moon's power to set intentions and meditate, to gain clarity and clear energy, so that we may manifest our hearts" deepest desires. We do inner work, ritual, and have deep and meaningful conversations. We may sing, we may dance, and we'll most likely laugh a lot and even cry a little. You never know when you get a group of Wild Women together. The energy will be electric and we would LOVE for you to be there. No previous meditation or women"s circle experience is needed. Come exactly as you are.

**What to Expect:: meditation, intention setting, sharing time."

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