Balance disorders

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Our experienced physical therapists have more than 40+ years of combined experience providing exceptional service to patients in outpatient facilities...
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"You will receive individualized attention during a one-on-one evaluation session with a physical therapist. We develop a custom program of treatment in which you actively participate in establishing goals. Most importantly, restoring pain-free movement, strength, health and function.We treat all of the common conditions and injuries listed below. At the same time, we believe each patient"s situation is unique, deserves customized attention as well as an individual plan for recovery. Give us a call if you have questions regarding your condition or problem, so that we may help you find a solution to recovery.Our comprehensive evaluation will uncover which of a variety of treatment options are best for you.Prescriptive exercises performed in the clinic and at home are used to restore flexibility, strength and integrity to affected areas of the body.
Initially, therapeutic modalities such as heat or cold are used to reduce pain and inflammation.
Ultrasound, a form of deep heat using sound waves or electrical stimulation, may be used as a means of reducing pain or improving muscle activity.
We use an extensive repertoire of direct and indirect hands-on techniques known as "manual therapy." These techniques are often referred to by the name of the medical practitioner who advocated and advanced their use. We often use methods from Geoffrey Maitland, Robin McKenzie, Freddie Kaltenborn, Brian Mulligan, Arthur Jones"s Strain Counterstrain, Muscle Energy and techniques from the North American Institute of Manual Therapy."

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