Benefits of Foot Reflexology

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"Improves blood circulation. In China, the feet have been thought as the second heart of the human body since ancient times. From the medical classics, it is recorded: "The feet on a human body are like the roots of a tree. When the roots of a tree are exhausted, the tree will be withered. When feet become weak, a human grows weaker and older."Stimulates the acupuncture points, reflex areas and meridians. The reflex points on the feet correspond to different inner organs and meridians in the human body. That's why the body feels very relaxed after a foot massage. There are 6 main meridians on each human foot, which includes the termination points of three Yang meridians (bladder, stomach, and gallbladder meridians) as well as the starting points of three Yin meridians (spleen, liver, and kidney meridians). By stimulating the six most important meridians, foot massage can improve blood circulation, and help the legs and feet to stay healthy. At the same time, it accelerates the circulation of the feet to stay warm, promotes detoxification, beauty, relieves stress, enhances physical fitness and improve the quality of sleep.We use pure natural Chinese herbal medicines for the foot bath, such as Red sage (salvia miltiorrhiza), clubmoss herb, Herba Lycopodii, ginger, pepper and other Chinese herbal medicine to soak the feet. There have been obvious improvements for people whose hands and feet are often cold."

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