Can the brain heal itself from alcohol?

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"Research has shown that after two weeks of sobriety, the brain can begin to show signs of recovery. However, with advanced alcohol use disorder, it is possible to cause irreversible damage to the brain. If you"re concerned that alcohol use is affecting your brain, it is advisable to seek treatment at a licensed addiction treatment facility.There are no specific tests for alcoholism, but there are certain health patterns in lab test results that can suggest alcohol damage has occurred in a person"s organs. The only way to determine if a person is suffering from alcoholism is to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.It is important to realize that because of the individualized nature of the disease of alcoholism, there is no one statistic that is accurate for all recovering alcoholics. Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous tout a 50% success rate in their program, but this is not the only program that people use to achieve recovery.The best way to stop drinking is to seek a licensed medical addiction treatment facility. It is not recommended that anyone attempt treatment or to quit drinking on their own as severe health consequences, and even death can occur."

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