Chakra Readings, Clearings and Balancing - How does it work?

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"Your chakras hold an energetic narrative of your life experiences and emotions. As we go through life, the chakras get affected by different events in your life . This process helps you gain clarity about how your energetic imbalances may be impacting various areas of your life. chakra clearing and balancing session always begins with my own personal practice prior to your arrival as I create a sacred and energetically aligned space to facilitate a clear channel for the insights that come through. Utilizing quantum healing principles, I gain insights into your energetic landscape including your aura and your chakras. Having this insight helps me to identify imbalances within your chakras. This process goes beyond the physical and taps into the subtle energies that influence your overall well-being. As I gain insight and clear energy as it"s appropriate for you, your chakras come back into balance.
Generally, the session consists of:
Aura Assessment: The aura is the energetic field that surrounds your physical body. The colors, textures, and patterns within your aura provide valuable information about your emotional state, mental clarity, and spiritual alignment.
Chakra Visualization: With your permission, I visualize each of your chakras, starting from the root and ascending to the crown. I observe the color, brightness, and motion of each chakra, which gives me insights into their vitality and potential imbalances.
Intuitive Insights: As I delve into the subtle energies within each chakra, I may receive images, symbols, emotions, or sensations that provide deeper insights into what may be affecting your chakras.
Chakra Imbalance Identification: Throughout the reading, I identify areas of blockages and imbalances within your chakras. These blockages can manifest as stagnation, reduced energy flow, or excessive energy which ultimately can manifest in physical symptoms.
Guidance and Balancing: As I uncover imbalances, I provide guidance on potential practices and techniques to restore balance. It"s important to understand that the chakras affect each other so they should be acknowledged as one system vs one chakra. Although my goal is to achieve balance, it may take more than one session to bring the chakras into balance depending on the condition of the charkas and what you have going on in your life.
Debrief: After the session, I close the energetic space and provide you with a summary of the insights gained. During some sessions, you may receive more information than during other sessions so please consider bringing a journal to write down information as I share with with you. You are encouraged to integrate the insights into your daily life, fostering a deeper connection with your chakras and supporting ongoing balance."

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