Cocaine Addiction

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"Addiction is a word that often brings up images in our minds of a certain type of person who uses a certain type of drug. Stereotypes exist all around us in every part of our everyday lives and in the world of behavioral health that is no different.
When it comes to substance use disorder or substance misuse, cocaine is one of those substances that we have heard about time and time again from pop culture or our personal lives. Actually, according to a survey presented by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), over 15% of American adults have tried cocaine.
Keep in mind that trying a substance once does not mean there is an addiction and nor will it immediately lead to addiction, but it does show us that cocaine is a widely known substance in our country. Within Oregon, as of 2019, we ranked #4 in the country for cocaine use.
An important step when it comes to trying to come up with solutions for the substance use problems in our state is to understand the substances themselves."

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