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"My coach told me it was just a "ding". Because we no longer grade concussions, recovery from a concussion is very individualized. Recovery from a concussion often occurs on its own. Most individuals get better and can resume normal activity in about 10-14 days. However, some individuals can have a protracted recovery meaning that their recovery may last much longer than 14 days.
If you have sustained a concussion and you have the following symptoms, you should seek emergency medical attention: double vision, loss of feeling or movement in the extremities, loss of speech, loss of consciousness.
In the State of Oregon, if a youth athlete sustains a concussion or suspected of having a concussion, they may not return to competition in the same day. In the State of Oregon, an athlete who sustains a concussion and are removed from competition, must be examined by a physician and be provided a medical release allowing them to return to sport/competition (this does include practice).
They key to identification is made with a thorough assessment. Following a concussive event, common signs and symptoms include: Headache, Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, balance deficits, difficulty concentrating, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, difficulty with remembering, to name a few. Symptoms of concussion typically can be put into 4 categories: Emotional, Cognitive, Sleep and Physical and are often assessed with a Post-Concussion Symptom Scale (PCSS). Having a trained individual be able to monitor the symptoms of concussion and progress a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program, systematically is crucial.
Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation means the use of different providers to manage the concussion presentation. The providers of a multidisciplinary approach, in addition to physical therapy, can include a neurologist, psychologist, optometrist, primary care physician.
Physical Therapy will often address the physical nature of symptom presentation which could be balance deficits, visual deficits, coordination. Sometimes a combination of disciplines can occur which could be neurology for management of the headache symptoms (especially if they are migraine in nature), physical therapy for balance and visual retraining and Speech Therapist to help with cognitive strategies if the patient is having difficulty with memory or recall.
Helping a patient return to things they love is at our core. If you are having difficulty recovering from a concussion, we would love the opportunity help you work, live, and play again!"

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