Don't Be Fooled: Store-Sold Magic Mushrooms

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"Store-Sold "Magic Mushrooms" are not necessarily what they appear to be. Psilocybin was made legal in Oregon in 2023, and along with the regulated legalization comes companies hoping to capitalize on what they perceive as a trend, introducing products to the market that may be misleading based on the names of these packaged items.
You may have recently seen items labeling themselves as "magic mushrooms," found often in vape, smoke, and head shops. The term "magic mushroom" itself is not legally defined the same as what we have societally called "magic mushrooms" for decades, leading to possible confusion. We seek to help educate about the difference.
Oregon state law mandates that psilocybin be administered by a licensed facilitator. Legally-purchased products sold in OR stores with no licensed facilitator are not going to contain psilocybin.
One such product we recently were made aware of contains lion"s mane mushrooms. Lions mane is a delicious fungus that pairs well with olive oil and salt, or shredded and made to resemble a vegetarian crab cake. Lion"s mane does not contain psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in what we colloquially call "magic mushrooms." Should you want to spend your money on lion"s mane, we suggest your local farmer"s market from late September through early November."

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