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Quoted From: https://www.oldmillcenter.org/programs-services/intensive-day-treatment-program/

"ITS is a psychiatric day treatment program designed to support school aged children (3-7) with emotional and behavioral challenges. Children in the ITS program have been unsuccessful at home, typical preschool, child-care, or public school.
Intensive Treatment Services
Referrals to the ITS program come through a collaboration between Benton County Mental Health, local school districts, local preschools, Head Start programs, and community mental health providers.
Our clinical staff work with children, families, and community providers to identify each child"s needed skills that impact their ability to thrive.
Current Services Include:
Individual, Group, and Family Mental Health Therapy
Social Skill Development
Behavior Modification
Psychiatric Consultation
Exposure to the Collaborative Problem Solving Model
Cognitive Flexibility
Attention and Memory Development
Language Skills"

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