Exosome Therapy

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Quoted From: https://anti-aging-therapy-center.com/exosome-therapy/

"Exosomes are a class of cell-derived extracellular vesicles of endosomal origin and are typically 30-150 nm in diameter.Exosomes are the smallest type of extracellular vesicle. Enveloped by a lipid bilayer, exosomes are released into the extracellular environment containing a complex cargo of contents derived from the original cell, including proteins, lipids, MRNA, MRNA, and DNA. Exosomes are defined by how they are formed through the fusion and exocytosis of multivesicular bodies into the extracellular space.Multivesicular bodies are unique organelles in the endocytic pathway that function as intermediates between early and late endosomes. The main function of multivesicular bodies is to separate components that will be recycled elsewhere from those that will be degraded by lysosomes.The vesicles that accumulate within multivesicular bodies are categorized as intraluminal vesicles while inside the cytoplasm and exosomes when released from the cell."

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