Fear of Falling in the Elderly

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Quoted From: https://www.visitingangels.com/albanyor/articles/fear-of-falling-in-the-elderly/21057

"When an elderly loved one experiences a devastating fall, the emotional toll can be as traumatic as the physical effect. The paralyzing dread of falling again may remain long after their cuts, scrapes, and wounds have healed. The intense fear can cause angst and distress, threaten their independence, and induce bouts of depression.Even a minor accident can trigger psychological strain for the elderly. Falls that cause injury and require hospitalization can be more distressing.Research shows that seniors who fall once double their risk of falling again. The thought of a repeat accident may cause unrealistic anxiety and prevent them from engaging in normal activities and reaching their full recovery.If your senior avoids activities or has trouble completing tasks after a fall without a medical explanation, they may have chronic fear. When these signs are present, their self-isolation and loss of independence can lead to severe depression. sedentary lifestyle can also lead to an overall decline in health by placing the elderly at higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and arthritis, which can."

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