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"Living in the past is something all of us are guilty of doing at some point. When past events are always on your mind, and you aren"t able to appreciate the present, it is vital to seek help from a professional. Tapping therapists will help you get in touch with your emotions and feelings about particular events and resolve them quickly. These feelings may be that of resentment and guilt due to lost opportunities, moments of unmatched joy, or perhaps heartbreak, and are preventing you from moving on. Confronting these emotions with the aid of a therapist, even in online therapy, can give you peace of mind and closure, and ultimately help you move on.
Signs That You Could Use a Breakthrough
Poor performance at work and school
If you"re experiencing stress and emotional struggles, it can reflect on what you do every day. For an excellent student, he/she might start getting low grades. If you have a job, you find yourself not completing projects on time and performing poorly. The main reasons for these occurrences are not poor concentration, inadequate attention to tasks at hand, or sometimes memory loss, but unresolved stress and emotions. The lack of zeal can also diminish your productivity. And especially if you work in a sector where your actions pose a risk to others, immediate help is vital. We can help find the root cause of the problem and correct it.
You experienced a traumatic event
Sadly, while we may do our best to prevent them, traumatic events happen around us when we experience: deaths of loved ones, accidents, losing a job, breakups, and many others. This is another area where virtual therapy online can help you let go of the hurts so you can move on. Some people deal with trauma very well, but for others, it disrupts their peace of mind completely and puts them into a non-productive state. They feel overly anxious and depressed. It hinders their functioning and isolates them from friends and family. They can"t even sleep well. If you"re one of these people, you can find the solution you"ve been looking for in a Tapping expert. Get help and start your journey to regaining control over your life.
Intense and long-lasting negative thoughts or emotions
Sometimes we feel sad, angry, or anxious, maybe due to our careers, relationships, and other happenings around us. Sometimes these emotions stay for a short time and go away. Other times, if it"s been a month or two and you"re still angry, sad, hopeless, or anxious, it may be a sign of an underlying issue that continues to resurface because it hasn"t been adequately addressed. These feelings become so intense to the point that being productive and happy can be a real challenge. You may even start experiencing panic attacks. In the worst-case scenario, you lack meaning in the life you"re living and contemplate suicide. Don"t let it reach this point; let"s help you discover what"s troubling you and then help you resolve it. We can help you find inspiration and meaning in your life so that you want to jump out of bed in the morning, excited to start your day.
Substance use and abuse
When experiencing anxiety, PTSD, trauma, depression, and feelings of resentment, we often look for things to distract ourselves from what we"re going through, feeling, and experiencing. Some cope by going the healthy route and choose relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, and walking in nature. However, others go the unhealthy way and start using substances: smoking cigarettes, marijuana, and drinking alcohol. Others turn to sex and binge eating. The best long term solution is not finding new ways to cope, but to resolve what you are trying to cope with.
Besides, these unhealthy coping strategies will only worsen the problem as time passes. When the high goes down, you"ll still have your struggles and feelings to deal with. A series of life changing sessions can be a great solution to the underlying problem before it grows into abuse.
Lack of interest in activities you enjoyed
If you can"t find fun in the activities you enjoyed a few weeks or months back, it may be a sign you"re mind has become conditioned to focus on what you don"t want, and are experiencing unproductive attitudes and emotions. You may be stressed or depressed, and those feelings may be stealing the joy in fun activities you enjoyed before. An expert can help evaluate recent happenings in your life, determine the exact problem, and work to remove the stress and emotions that are holding you back.
Trouble maintaining relationships
Are you always picking fights with your spouse? Or have you recently been feeling like you don"t want to be around your partner? When you"re going through stress, anxiety, or depression, it reflects negatively on how you relate with your partner. You can"t communicate as well as you used to, want to be left alone, and are the start of trouble in most cases. These stress patterns not only happens in romantic relationships, but also with others such as friends, family members, and colleagues. Don"t let unresolved stress and emotions ruin your relationships; get a few sessions with an professional practitioner, learn social skills, and improve yourself."

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