Hand Patch Therapy

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Quoted From: https://www.blueskyasianmassage.com/stories

"Hand patch therapy is based on the Chinese medicine practice of balancing the body"s Qi (energy). It is based on the theory that there are 14 meridian channel pathways in our body and corresponding channels on our hands that Qi flows through. When Qi stops flowing freely, there can be symptoms such as pain, numbness, swelling, and insomnia. However, when all the Qi in the meridians become balanced, these symptoms can be cured and will go away. Using a combination of herbs based on where the pain is, a herbal patch can be applied to different meridian points and areas to help balance the Qi. Herbs can include barley, coconut powder, black pepper, coriander seed, corn grit, and more. Many patients often feel better immediately after the patch is applied and there are no side effects. Due to its herbal nature, it is very safe and effective."

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