Health: A Different Perspective

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"Disease, or dis-ease is a state of imbalance due to blocks be they mental, emotional, physical, or environmental. This disharmony results in symptoms like anxiety, depression, hypertension, chronic digestive disorders, rashes, hormone imbalances, pain and other forms of distress.
Symptoms are our body"s language to let us know when something is out of balance with our environment, our organs and many times even our perceptions of who we are and how we define ourselves.
I approach health in a way that achieves a dynamic harmony rather than A LACK OF SYMPTOMS. A state in which day-to-day choices allow us to come closer or get further away from optimal function of mind, body, and spirit. With that dynamic harmony comes resiliency the ability to "bounce back" from any "insults" to our physical/mental/emotional bodies. It is always in flux constant change. .
Treatment then entails discerning where the blocks to function have formed and how to address and remove these blocks with a variety of naturopathic tools and therapies to put you back into the driver"s seat when it comes to your health. The most crucial part of this process is your complete participation and collaboration in your journey towards a state of dynamic harmony!"

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