Healthy Families

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Participation in Healthy Families Oregon (HFO) is a free family support and parent education home visiting program.
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"What is Healthy Families Oregon?
Healthy Families Oregon (HFO) is a free, voluntary home visiting program offering support and education to families who are expecting or parenting newborns.
Healthy Families programs are located in communities throughout Oregon. During home visits (which may be virtual due to COVID-19), each family"s values and strengths are honored. Trained staff support and empower parents to build nurturing parent-child relationships, learn about child development, and access community resources. Families choose to participate in weekly home visits for six months or longer, depending on what they need and want. The visits can continue for up to three years.
Parents supported by their communities can have confident, loving relationships with their babies, who can grow into confident, curious toddlers and kindergartners ready for school and beyond."

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