How Do I Treat Muscle Spasms at Home?

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"When a muscle spasm hits, it typically demands your immediate attention. If the cramp is in the lower extremities such as the foot, calf, or thigh, try to walk it out. Often using the surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons will facilitate the release of the cramp.
Try gentle stretching to relax the affected muscle. Massage or counter pressure may also provide relief.
Drink a large glass of water and keep the hydration going to potentially help with additional cramps.
Since cramps are often a result of overexertion, be sure to factor in plenty of rest too.
For intense muscle cramps, such as when your back seizes up, use ice for 20 minutes every hour for the first few days. After three to five days, alternate heat and ice or rely on heat alone.
If approved by your doctor, use anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen. Your doctor may additionally prescribe muscle relaxants."

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