Men's Pelvic Health

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"Although not often talked about pelvic health physical therapy is for men too!
Both our Albany and Corvallis locations provide treatment for a wide array of men"s pelvic health issues. We know this is a delicate topic and strive to treat with integrity and compassion allowing our patients to return to their everyday activities without pain and dysfunction.
Men"s Health Issues:
When it comes to pelvic health, we want men to know they are not forgotten about. Whether it is pelvic floor tension, weakness or post-surgical needs, we provide a spectrum of treatment options for pelvic wellness. Below are some common dysfunctions successfully treated in males with pelvic floor dysfunction.
Pelvic & Sexual Pain Dysfunctions:
Pudendal Neuralgia
Cycling Dysfunction
Pelvic floor tension myalgia/ pelvic floor muscle spasm
Chronic pelvic pain syndrome
Chronic Prostatitis, Pudendal neuralgia
Pain with ejaculation or erection
Erectile dysfunction
Testicular, scrotal, penile, or groin pain"

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