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"Methadone and the other prescription medications we offer can ease the distressing withdrawal symptoms that can undermine a person"s attempts to end their opioid use. This is a valuable component of treatment at methadone clinics. But medication alone cannot empower a person to make the lifestyle changes that will support long-term recovery from opioid addiction.For this reason, we also incorporate individual and group therapy into our programming. During therapy sessions, patients can identify and address the concerns or influences that may have contributed to their struggles with opioid addiction. They can also begin to develop the skills and strategies that will enable them to resist relapse and remain in recovery.herapy sessions can also help patients overcome the guilt, shame, and isolation that often result from untreated opioid addiction. Individual sessions are safe spaces where patients can discuss personal matters and receive focused feedback from an experienced professional. During group therapy sessions at Albany CTC, patients can discover the many benefits of sharing support with other members of the opioid addiction recovery community."

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