Neuropsychologists Are Interested In Your Patterns Of Strengths And Weaknesses

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"Patients are referred for a neuropsychology evaluation for different reasons. The most common reasons have to do with to memory and attention.
In an evaluation, the neuropsychologist looks at how thinking skills such as attention, memory and problem solving work and interact with mood, personality and behavior.
An evaluation includes an interview with you and a family member, paper and pencil testing and computer testing. It is a very different type of testing than school testing though. There is no pass or fail.
Neuropsychologists are interested in your patterns of strengths and weaknesses, because we all have them. This information is useful for important health care decisions such as diagnosis, treatment and monitoring skills over time.
Because the brain, memory and attention are so complex thinking, evaluation may take anywhere from two to four hours and varies widely based on why you are being seen and what you and your doctor want to know."

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