Panic Attack & Panic Disorder Symptoms

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We offer therapy for panic attacks and panic disorder for patients in and around Albany, OR. We'll work with you to address the attacks and begin treatment.
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"Left untreated, panic disorder can be crippling. We"ll work with you to address the panic attacks and begin a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs so that you can have the tools to reclaim your life.Panic attacks can feel very different, depending on the person. They can be any mixture of a number of symptoms and in any order. While panic attacks aren"t life-threatening, the physiological effects can feel very intense.

When you have recurring panic attacks then you may have panic disorder. Those with panic disorder often feel as though they are in an unbroken cycle where they begin to fear potentially having a panic attack. The cycle can be broken. Effective treatment is available.No two people"s experiences are exactly alike.Whether you have had only one or two panic attacks, or have recuring attacks, you can benefit from therapy by addressing the triggers and learning skills that help maintain your feeling of control, safety and objectivity during triggering moments.

Panic attacks can be stand-alone or associated with other issues, such as anxiety and trauma. We will work with you to address and confront your anxiety and provide you a treatment specific to your needs."

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