Pelvic Floor Health

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"What is the Pelvic Floor?
Your pelvic floor is the layered muscle that stretches like a hammock from the front of your pelvis to the bottom of your backbone. Pregnancy and childbirth put a strain on these muscles and connective tissues that sit in your pelvis. This system is responsible for various necessary bodily functions, including supporting your pelvic organs, controlling your bathroom habits, regulating abdominal pressure, and stabilizing your spine and trunk. Research shows that caring for your pelvic floor during pregnancy by knowing how to strengthen and relax your pelvic floor can go a long way towards helping to prevent post-pregnancy pelvic floor dysfunction.
During pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscles have to support more weight as your baby grows and your weight increases. Your pelvic floor tissues can stretch more than three times their normal length during a vaginal birth. Early on in pregnancy and through the second trimester, most experts recommend focusing on building strength in the pelvic floor. This helps keep your pelvic floor strong as your baby grows, which can help you adapt to the increasing stress on these muscles throughout your pregnancy."

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