Pre / Post Natal Care

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"Pregnancy and parenting are two of the greatest and most stressful times of a woman"s life. During pregnancy, your body undergoes significant changes to help your little one grow and develop. There are many musculoskeletal issues that can arise during pregnancy due to increased laxity in your ligaments, hormonal changes, postural changes due to your growing baby, as well as due to changes in your activity level. Many women experience pain during pregnancy but that doesn"t have to be true for you! Our Women"s Health team at Corvallis and Albany Sport and Spine have additional training to help safely assess and provide appropriate treatment to provide pain relief during all stages of pregnancy.
After the birth of your baby everything has changed! Your whole life revolves around your new addition and the learning curve of parenting a newborn is steep! Hormonal changes and lack of sleep make self care challenging. Your abdominal wall is extremely lengthened and lacks tone (strength) after having a baby. These changes all can affect your response to activity and return to exercise. Most women get clearance from their doctor to return to exercise and normal activities around 6 weeks but often your body is not ready to return to your full exercise routine at that time - especially if you love to run or participate in higher impact or higher resistance activities."

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