Rolfing Structural Integration

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I offer Rolfing(R) Structural Integration as individual sessions or as a series.
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"Often times an individual session or two will give clients a feel for the work and whether or not they would like to pursue their treatment goals via Rolfing. A traditional 10 Series of sessions generally proves most beneficial for clients due to its structured treatment approach which works from the outer layers of the body towards the deeper structures. Commonly, it takes a lifetime to develop our individual strain, compensatory, and movement patterns which can manifest as painful areas with restricted motion. Chronic stress also contributes to these patterns, which is directly addressed with Rolfing through the nervous system. When the body experiences chronic stress, the nervous system can get stuck in a "flight/fight" response (sympathetic state) which doesn"t allow the body to relax and allow time for necessary restorative processes (parasympathetic state.) Working in ten sessions to strategically unravel these patterns is often the most effective and efficient approach. A 10 Series can be considered as a ten session journey through the body, revealing easier, less painful movement, improving body-mind awareness which helps to protect from future injury, or maybe by offering a sense of freeing vitality which hasn"t been experienced in years. Rolfing is an investment in lifelong wellbeing; its beneficial results are long lasting and can last a lifetime with continued attention and participation from the client. Abbreviated series or individual sessions are available after the 10 Series for tune ups, as needed. Guided movement sessions are offered as a way to work with preexisting movement patterns, improving efficiency to aid in more easeful motion, standing and sitting po"

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