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"Sermorelin acetate is prescribed as a therapy to increase naturally the levels of human growth hormone production. After the age of 30, HGH levels start to decrease and will continue to go down up to 14 percent every 10 years.
This decrease in HGH production is responsible for several aging symptoms including:
a decrease of energy;
decreased muscle mass;
accumulation of body fat;
decreased bone density;
skin problems;
wrinkling as well as other health problems.
Sermorelin therapy is also prescribed as an anti-aging treatment because it has proven to be safer and more natural when compared to the use of human growth hormone itself.
Boosting the body"s natural synthesis of HGH is always the best choice because the adverse effects are minimal and the hormone is synthesized and delivered by the body"s natural hormone metabolism.
HGH therapy uses an injection of the actual hormone, while Sermorelin is an amino acid that causes the pituitary gland to release human growth hormone.
The increase in human growth hormone levels is natural, while HGH therapy uses a large injection of the actual hormone all at once which does not utilize the body"s natural pathways for the hormone.
Sermorelin and Actual HGH
Because of the lack of side effects, Sermorelin Therapy is often preferable to HGH therapy. The medically supervised use of sermorelin can result in many positive anti-aging effects such as:
more muscle mass;
increased energy;
reduced body fat;
glowing and younger skin;
improved libido;
increased exercise endurance;
improved sleep;
healthy heart and kidney function;
improved eyesight;
increased bone density;
expedite wound healing;
faster exercise recovery;
and many other positive effects have been described by patients.
With Sermorelin therapy, there is no risk to produce too much of the hormone because it boosts the natural synthesis, and the body will naturally regulate the production of HGH.
It basically only increases the levels of HGH back to a "normal" or a more youthful level. This is why the use of sermorelin has hardly side effects except for minor symptoms such as irritation at the injection site and itching. Being one of the safest and most natural ways to increase human growth hormone levels naturally.
Following a steady treatment protocol, sermorelin can help to repair age-related damage to skin, muscle, and organs, and the treatment does not need to continue forever."

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