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"How do people with beautiful, naturally
healthy skin maintain it?

We"ll let you in on a secretthey schedule
facials with professionals regularly. If you"re
young and want to get into healthy skincare
habits, or you"re a regular at medical
aesthetics practices and want a way to
maximize the results of your treatments, the
SkinWave hydrafacial in Albany, OR from
Levitt Medical Aesthetics is here for you.

This revolutionary facial treatment gives your
skin the reset it needs to clear congestion,
eliminate dead skin cells, and give you a
radiant glow.The SkinWave hydrafacial is a multi-step
facial treatment.

The treatment begins with
hydrogen-enriched infusion. The hydrogen
molecules will penetrate your pores and when
they do, they bond with the oxygen present in
your skin cells. Active oxygen is linked to
drying and aging. This bonding forms new
water molecules. One of our trained
aestheticians will then gently extract
impurities and release the active oxygen. This
unique SkinWave step provides antioxidant
and moisturization benefits and reduces
inflammation.Next, we apply three specialized nutrient-rich solutions to optimize skin revitalization. During your initial consultation, Dr. Levitt will assess your specific skin needs and adjust the amount of each solution, making this a highly personalized treatment. The SkinWave hydrafacial infuses alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), and hyaluronic acid (HA) deep into the skin to address common skincare needs: exfoliating (removing impurities and dead skin cells), oil control, and moisturization. Each treatment is customizable by adjusting the volume of one of these solutions for specific skin type and needs. For example, we may give dry skin more HA and less BHA, or we may deliver more BHA to breakouts and oily skin. Depending on the state of your skin, we may also perform manual extractions of milia or blackheads to ensure your pores are squeaky clean.

Finally, there are two hand pieces on the device that make the SkinWave hydrafacial stand out. Electroporation with red and blue LED temporarily opens pores to increase solution absorption and can address additional skin concerns, such as redness and acne. The contouring roller double-lifting handpiece glides over your skin with 360 rotation balls, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, massaging the area and enhancing skin elasticity.


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