Somatic Therapy Is A Body-Centered Therapy

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Somatic therapy is a type of psychotherapy that believes life events are stored within the body and the mind.
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"Psychotherapy, along with physical therapies to promote holistic healing, is known as somatic therapy. It is also sometimes called somatic experiencing therapy or somatic counseling.
Somatic therapy is a body-centered therapy that embraces the mind-body connection. To that end, this form of combines talk therapy with relaxation and physical techniques that help patients to work through trauma and other difficult emotions. As emotions and memories are recovered, they tend to generate feelings of anxiety, fear, stress, and grief. As the body responds to the mind, therapists guide patients through specific techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and other relaxation exercises to calm the body"s physical responses to trauma and painful memories. Some patients may also benefit from adjunctive physical exercises, such as dance, yoga, exercise, or other movement-based therapies.
Conditions Somatic Therapy May Help Treat
This form of therapy may be an effective form of therapy for patients suffering from a myriad of mental health issues, including but not limited to:
Chronic Pain
Grief & Loss
Substance Abuse
This therapy is rooted in a belief that life events are stored within the body and the mind. When discussing issues with your therapist, you"ll be encouraged to pay close attention to the physical reaction the discussion creates. Your therapist will then use a variety of techniques, to help you work through difficulties. Techniques your therapist may use include:
Grounding you in the present
Helping you to develop more awareness of your body and various sensations
Helping you to fortify boundaries
Learning tools to calm down during periods of heightened stress
Releasing emotions
Reliving past experiences with the new tools you"ve learned
Using movement to express feelings"

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