Sonic Journey

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"A Sonic Journey is a sound meditation practice using gongs, crystal singing bowls and other sound creation tools to guide our attention and relax our busy minds (also known as a sound bath).The relaxed, mindful state you experience during each Sonic Journey helps you understand your relationship to THIS MOMENT, deepening your connection to your SELF. Sound baths (literally bathing in sound and vibration) enable each of us to experience quiet, mindful consciousness without prior meditative experience and are a simple practice that everyone can receive and enjoy, whatever your background may be.Our approach, based on compassion, curiosity, and being in my present moment allows us to share this experience with you in a safe, refreshingly supportive environment. There are no gurus here only guides who are companions on the journey.Sonic Journey events are immersive sound experiences. We hear the sound, but we also feel the vibration resonating within our bodies.
Each sound meditation is a unique experience not only do the soundscapes evolve, but we arrive to each Gong Love with our own ever-shifting perception of self.Through sound meditation, we can experience profound relaxation, rest, deep states of meditation, dreamlike visions, and spiritual journeys. We may also feel a deeper connection to hidden parts of ourselves intuition, spirit, creativity and inner guide. Receiving regular sound meditation enables us to become familiar with the feeling of CALM and NOW and inspires us to consciously inhabit the present moment."

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