Spine Rehab

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"Patients often come to us with one or more of these signs and symptoms:
Pain and stiffness
Radiating pain down the arm or leg
Headaches, and trouble sleeping due to pain in there neck
If you are suffering with any of the above-mentioned signs or symptoms in the neck, middle back, or lower back, chances are, our physical therapists can help.
Care Starts with a Thorough Evaluation
Our spine specialists start with an intensive examination and assessment of your condition. A treatment plan is then developed that is based on your specific needs. We then provide you with a clear, easy-to -understand explanation of how we can help you manage your pain.
We Then Develop a Personalized Treatment Plan for You
Treatment often consists of gentle, hands-on techniques which often result in immediate relief of spine-related pain. Since our spine care is all natural, there are little to no side effects.
We frequently include the following procedures in your treatment program:
Manual therapy (hands-on treatment)
A customized therapeutic exercise program
Extensive patient education about your condition
There are three components to each and every spine rehabilitation program:
The current best evidence - new scientific research is being published on a regular basis that suggests you should see a physical therapist first.
Our clinical experience - we"ve treated a variety of spine diagnoses over the years. Clinical experience allows us to make good decisions about the type of treatment you should received.
Your treatment goals - of course we consider your goals when developing a treatment plan."

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