Stop Making Comparisons, You Are Enough!

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Comparing yourself with others can hold you back. Breaking through your limitations and rewire your mind for personal and professional success.
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"Have you ever wondered why you compare yourself to others? Do you ever wonder why you feel bad when you compare yourself to others? Comparing your situation is one of the biggest ways you can hold yourself back. In this article Stop making comparisons, You are enough, I share the main reasons why and how people get stuck in the comparison habit, and what you can do about it.
Many people get caught up in the idea that they have to be just like everybody else. But in truth you can"t be everybody else, it"s impossible!
Comparisons start at a very early age. For instance, the habit of constantly comparing yourself with someone else usually begins at school. If you"ve got brothers and sisters it can start before you can walk or talk.
In my youth I remember hearing, "why can"t you be a good girl like your brother?" or "why can"t you be an "A" student in math"s like your brother?"
"You"re not as smart, or as pretty as your friend." Have you ever felt that way, like you weren"t as good as someone else? If you did, however, without even realizing it, comparing yourself with others became automatic. For those that continue to think this way end up feeling inferior or not good enough. Feeling inferior creates a lot of stress in the mind and body."

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