Treating Melanoma Skin Cancer

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"Melanoma is the most serious type of cancer of the skin. It is treated differently from nonmelanoma skin cancers.In some parts of the world, especially among Western countries, melanoma is becoming more common every year. In the United States, for example, the percentage of people who develop melanoma has more than doubled in the past 30 years. melanoma diagnosis can leave you wondering what happens next. Usually, the first sign of melanoma is a new spot on the skin, or a change in the shape, size, or color of an existing mole. However, it is not uncommon for melanoma to occur on otherwise normal-appearing skin.Therefore, not only do you need to become familiar with the signs and symptoms of melanoma and other skin cancers, but you should also become familiar with your own skin. Monthly skin checks can help reveal anything that appears out of the ordinary. If you come across any suspicious spots on your skin, you should have them evaluated right away. The sooner melanoma is diagnosed, the better chance of a positive treatment outcome."

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