What can I expect with EMDR therapy?

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EMDR therapy allows for the processing of trauma, stressful memories and negative self-beliefs, relieving emotional distress, treating trauma and PTSD
Quoted From: https://reclaimlifementalhealthcenter.com/emdr/

"We understand the need to demystify EMDR therapy so that your first visit will be as comfortable as possible.

We start with one or more therapeutic sessions so we can determine if this therapy is a right fit for you. During this time we will identify situations, past or present, that cause emotional stress. We will also work with you to establish preparatory skills relating to processing your trauma.

Depending on how you best respond, we will use eye movements, taps and/or tones to help you bring up memories, thoughts and feelings reestablishing connections into a positive, adaptive learning experience. With eye movements, you will follow the therapist"s fingers through brief intervals while therapy is in session.

As you heal, the physical pathways in the brain form new connections so that the underlying memories, thoughts and feelings come from a foundation of positivity, security and self-worth.When we enter the rapid-eye-movement (REM) stage of sleep our brains process emotional memories, metaphorically evaluating and filing them away. EMDR simulates REM using bilateral stimulation (following the finger with your eyes) so that you desynthesize yourself to the trauma(s) so that you can then objectively process the experience(s)."

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