What Conditions or Goals Can Humanistic Therapy Help With?

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Quoted From: https://arisecounselingservice.com/humanistic-therapy/

"Humanistic therapy is a versatile psychotherapy modality that aims to promote self-growth, healing, and fulfillment using everyone"s uniquely positive strengths and traits. This type of therapy is used to help individuals deal with circumstances and mental health issues including:
Addictive behaviors
Eating disorders
Family relationship issues
Grief and loss
Intimate relationship issues
Lack of confidence
Low self-esteem
Obsessive or compulsive behaviors
Search for meaning
Substance use disorders
Humanistic therapy is provided in an empathetic, understanding, supportive environment. Therapists are non-judgmental and aim only to help you to become self-actualized and whole. Sessions may involve challenges to discover and explore new and alternative ways of thinking and feeling about yourself. Tools may include exercises in behavior to experiment with, conducted in a safe, supportive environment."

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