What would I want a private yoga session for?

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Quoted From: https://allrootsyoga.com/private-yoga-sessions

"Yoga was traditionally taught by one teacher directly to one student.
The great ancient teachers understood the importance of individualizing each yoga experience to meet the needs of the individual student. Today"s group classes are fun, energizing and help to create a strong community and affordable yoga, however, in a group class teachers may not be able to deliver the individualized attention and guidance that we all need at one time or another.
A private session allows for a more intimate view into YOUR practice. You can start a new practice, deepen your current practice or spend some time working with an injury or specific goal or concern.
Eases or reduces the stress or intimidation experienced by beginners when attending large group yoga classes for the first time. Private yoga sessions will give you a crash course on the basics of yoga, which will give you the foundation necessary to feel comfortable in a group environment.
Private yoga classes are the perfect way to work with special health concerns, injuries, or any other limitations you may experience. If you are concerned about the possibility of a re-injury, working one-on-one with a private yoga instructor you will learn how to adapt certain postures and use modifications as well as find out if there are specific poses to avoid when in class.
Private yoga classes can offer a highly viable option if you have set a specific goal whether it"s mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. With a specific goal in mind, a private yoga instructor can tailor and create a specific practices for you designed to help meet your goals.
Private yoga sessions can be very empowering you really learn a lot about yourself through the process. Its a window inward and the curated glass gives you the opportunity to peak inside."

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