What You May Not Know About Symptomatic Stress

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What you may not know about symptomatic stress, and how you can feel better faster with the tools to release physical stress & emotional pain.
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"Symptomatic stress, and how you can feel better faster.
Many people are under a lot of pressure in their work place and home life environments. Symptomatic stress costs people their lives, from physical health, and mental wellbeing to performance in the workforce. People are using alcohol, taking drugs and undertaking other addictive activities just to cope with the stress they are living with.
All stress is symptomatic, there is no stress out there. It"s all internally created, because we learn it, and it"s conditioned from an early age. Our society motivates us by stress, and we are programmed to fill the void and lack of what we haven"t got and we stress ourselves out trying to get it. More than ever before people seem to be generating a lot more stress as well as other mental health issues in our modern world.
Good and Bad Stress
You"ve probably heard that a little bit of stress helps us to be motivated and get up in the morning, but how much is a little bit? More often people are living with an overload of stress every day and it"s deemed normal, and then they turn a blind eye to what they are doing to cope with it.
Most of the clients we see, are often unaware of what is stressing them out and will even say, "they don"t have any stress", or discount it and brush it under the carpet. What we have noticed is the negative impact that repeated stress has on the mind and body system if not addressed.
What we do is to help our clients to recognize and identify the warning signals and triggers before the stress escalates. Then we teach them the tools to release and defuse the stress, so the individual person can take responsibility and be in a place of empowerment in any given moment.
Addressing Core Issues
In most cases, it doesn"t occur to people to look at what is behind the stress they are producing and the re-occurring patterns contributing to the stress. Therefore, when we take charge of what we are feeling and generating inside of us, we can feel better and more empowered.
When core issues are addressed, our clients feel in a more peaceful and relaxed state of mind. As a result, this enables them to take action and ownership of their physical health and mental wellbeing. This generates productivity and resourceful states of being. Stress is the body"s reaction to what we hold inside of us. Why not make what we hold inside awesome!"

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