Anxiety Management

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"Anxiety management can be achieved through self-care, compassion and the right treatment approach.
These are challenging, uncertain times for all of us. As a result, people in our community are experiencing elevated levels of anxiety. And while so many are suffering, the nature of anxiety is that we often feel alone in our distress. If you are experiencing anxiety, we want you to know that anxiety management is possible through counseling and the right treatment.
What Anxiety Looks Like
Overwhelming worry or fear
Intrusive thoughts
Feelings irritability and restlessness
Lack of concentration, racing thoughts or unwanted thoughts
Physical symptoms may include a rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, nausea, or difficulty breathing
Could lead to panic attacks if these feelings come on suddenly and strongly.
Do I Need Anxiety Counseling?
Anxiety can affect people at different levels. It can be mildly disruptive or feel completely overwhelming. You may be living to avoid fear and anxiety. Or perhaps you"ve found that the strategies you use to try and get rid of your anxiety only makes it worse. If your anxious feelings have persisted and not gone away over time, you may have also seen it interfere with your daily activities, like your work, school and relationships. If you find yourself experiencing these negative effects of anxiety, we"re here to help."

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