Assessment and Treatment Planning

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"We do a full diagnostic assessment using the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria. This process is done without bias, and with respect for for the confidentiality of personal information. During this evaluation we will ask questions covering six dimensions, which are summarized as substance use history, medical history, psychological and family history, readiness to change, relapse potential and recovery environment. Based on this information and with the current DSM-V criteria for substance abuse and dependence, we establish a diagnosis and individualized treatment recommendations. We will coordinate with other healthcare professionals when appropriate, in order to provide the most comprehensive care possible for each of our clients.
Treatment planning begins at the time of assessment, and is an ongoing part of the treatment process. This is somewhat like a map which incorporates our recommendations with actions focused to address the main self-identified issues.
It is more important than ever for people to have a basic understanding of alcohol and other drugs, their use and abuse, and the disease of addiction. Our education program consists of an assessment and plan, six education sessions, and an exit interview with a counselor. When necessary, education programs can be done on an individual basis or otherwise tailored to meet a person's needs. We will cover the pharmacology of the various classes of drugs such as alcohol, stimulants, opiates, marijuana and pharmaceuticals, as well as the effects of substance use on family systems and dynamics and the dangers associated with driving under the influence.
Treatment programs are individualized based on ongoing treatment planning, which is a collaborative effort between the client and counselor. Treatment consists of individual, group and family counseling sessions. Treatment for addiction or substance abuse may address many other issues, as addiction touches all areas of life."

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