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Quoted From: https://www.timberhillspinecare.com/blog/corvallis-sciatica-treatment-chiropractic-1

"The most recent research shows that a large number of people don't need surgery for this prevalent problem, and that chiropractic care is more effective at resolving sciatic nerve discomfort.
A typical surgery for sciatica is microdiscectomy, and in a 2010 study, researchers looked at 80 women and men with sciatica who were referred for this operation.
Forty patients were then randomly placed in one of two groups. The first group was to receive surgical microdiscectomy and the second group was given chiropractic treatment.
Both groups improved; however, no apparent difference in results was recorded one year post-treatment between either group. Furthermore, around 60 percent of the participating subjects who could not find pain relief from any other treatment approach "benefited from spinal manipulation to the same degree as if they underwent surgical intervention."
Put another way, chiropractic care offered the same positive benefits as surgery without having to undergo the increased amounts of surgery-based pain or suffer through drawn-out recovery times often affiliated with that particular treatment choice. Additionally, you also don't run the risks linked to surgical microdiscectomy, including nerve root damage, bowel or bladder incontinence, bleeding, or infection."

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