Can I trust you?

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"EFT is based on the scientific study of adult love and bonding process in couples. EFT is considered an integrative approach by looking within and between. It focuses on how individuals process their experiences, particularly emotional responses, with an interpersonal focus on how partners organize their interactions into patterns and cycles. EFT helps the two partners develop empathy and compassion for the other, gaining a better understanding of how the other is feeling at a primary emotional level.
When intimate partners are unable to meet each other"s emotional needs, they become stuck in negative patterns of interaction. A core conflict of couple"s is "insecurity", or fear of abandonment. One partner is continually finding themselves questioning, "Am I good enough?", "Do you really love me?", and "Can I trust you?". EFT helps couple"s address these attachment related issues, and have new ways to interact with their romantic partner. EFT creates more loving, and emotionally secure bonds. When EFT is successfully implemented, each partner becomes a source of security, protection, and comfort for the other. Thus, moving couple"s away from isolation into a space of positive connection.
We all have suffered in silence, waiting for things to get better, because seeking help may seem too scary."

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