Chronic Pain Management

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"What is chronic pain?
Pain is considered chronic if it lasts for long periods of time, usually three months or longer. In most cases, the pain persists because of an underlying medical condition or severe bodily damage. Chronic pain can also come as a result of acute pain, which is spontaneous, like with a sudden injury.
Chronic pain can affect every aspect of your daily life, from getting out of bed to your mood, and may lead to depression and anxiety if left untreated for too long.
What causes chronic pain?
There are many causes of chronic pain, though it"s generally caused by an injury or painful condition such as arthritis, nerve damage, headaches, or muscle strains. You might also experience chronic pain as you get older.
What are the symptoms of chronic pain?
The most common symptoms of chronic pain include:
Long-lasting pain
Burning, aching, or shooting pain
Stiffness and soreness
Extreme fatigue and sleeplessness
Loss of appetite
Mood swings and depression
Damaged immune system
Mobility issues
In most cases, patients report experiencing chronic pain in their lower back, foot, hand, or legs.
Keep in mind that because chronic pain affects your overall mood and ability to perform your normal tasks, it can also have a severely debilitating effect on your sexuality, such as a decreased sex drive, as well as make it so you"re unable to work.
How is chronic pain treated?
Treating chronic pain can be a long and arduous process. That"s why the team at Corvallis Pain Management isn"t interested in offering general treatment options. It"s their prerogative to develop a treatment plan that is uniquely suited to both your symptoms and your goals.
Your provider might recommend a combination of occupational and physical therapies, in addition to pain medicine. You might also consider:
Topical pain relief creams
Anti-inflammatory medication
Relaxation (yoga, meditation)
Neuropathic medications
Chronic pain doesn"t have to take over your life. Make the proactive decision and get in touch with the team at Corvallis Pain Management today either by calling the office or by using the online booking feature."

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