Contemporary Reichian Therapy

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"Contemporary Reichian Therapy combines the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich with the relevant findings in the fields of attachment theory, gestalt therapy, affect theory, and other body-mind therapies.

Wilhelm Reich was a 20th century doctor, natural scientist, and pioneer in the field of medicine. We combine his work with the more recent findings of attachment theory, gestalt therapy, affect theory, and other body-mind therapies.

Reichian therapy promotes self-regulation and optimal physiology through the identification, expression, processing and integration of "stuck" energy and emotion. In a practical sense we work in a gentle and safe manner with the patterns of muscular tension, breathing, awareness, and thinking that keep us in a pattern of dis-ease. This work creates balance and flexibility in the autonomic nervous system by improving respiration and creating a greater capacity for emotion and joy. The autonomic nervous system serves as both the guardian and the regulator of every organ system, gland, and physiological process in the body. It also modulates our social and emotional interactions. Thus by working through this portal of the body-mind connection, we create the underlying terrain that allows for healthy emotional and psychic functioning, as well as balance the hormonal, cardiovascular, immune, and other influences that govern our physiology.

What can I expect in a session of Contemporary Reichian Therapy?

A session may involve talk, breathing, movement, expression, and interaction that brings awareness to the way we move (and hold) ourselves biophysically and psychologically. Part of the therapy will be focused on identifying and expressing the emotions that are being held back in our organism through chronic patterns of thinking, breathing, moving, and relating. These patterns of 'held back' emotions are what Reich called armoring. By softening the armoring, and working to create the conditions in life that support a less armored organism, we gradually develop the resources necessary for sustaining a healthier life."

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