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"Crystal sound healing is a viable wellness modality for illness, addiction, and individuals seeking new levels of health and vitality, such as relief of stress, anger, anxiety and physical ailments. Crystal singing bowls are powerful tools of healing made of crystals, gemstones and precious metals, such as: platinum; celestite; shungite; pink aura gold; tanzanite; androgenous indium; diamond; violet aura gold; morganite; citrine; golden topaz; selenite; indigo; silver and many, many more. The transformational and celestial music of the alchemy crystal singing bowls creates powerful crystalline frequencies that clear ancient limiting patterning and elevate the high-frequency energy of our Soulful Selves. healing sound bath is a form of meditation that utilizes ambient sounds intricately woven together soothing in nature, that shifts brain waves from active to a deep state of peaceful relaxation in mind and body. The crystal alchemy tunes and re-calibrates cellular chemistry for optimal vitality and well-being, stimulating and amplifying inner light with ease."

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