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"Suffering from Depression?
TMS, a Drug Free, FDA Approved Treatment for Depression
Depression is a state of feeling stuck. Imagine your thoughts as a dog tied to a tree in your yard; it runs around in circles creating deep grooves in the grass and soil. Those deep grooves are your depression. TMS allows the dog to run free in the yard it cuts the leash and enables the brain to create other, more healthy pathways.
Over the years, you"ve probably tried to cut that leash and "unstick" yourself with therapy and medications. You"ve worked hard in therapy and tried a lot of different medicines to no avail. Sometimes, even when a drug is helpful, the side effects are intolerable. You are looking for something new and different. Something that won"t have side effects and with proven results. You are looking for TMS.
What is dTMS?
TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Transcranial means the stimulus passes through the skull or cranium. The stimulus is caused by a changing magnetic field, like in an MRI machine, which creates electrical stimulation in cells inside the brain. Magnetic stimulation non-invasively stimulates the brain without causing pain in the way direct stimulation would.
Stimulation of the brain causes neurons to release of neurotransmitters and increases BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). BDNF promotes the growth and survival of nerve cells in the brain.
At Catalyst, we use the BrainsWay TMS machine. It is referred to as "Deep" TMS because of the unique coil it uses which results in a wider area of the brain being simulated and the stimulus penetrates deeper into the brain. This is thought to to be more effective than figure eight coils offered by other TMS machine manufacturers."

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