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"If you are alive on this planet, your lymph needs your help.
Most people only know about lymph as it pertains to a swollen node during sickness or a swollen body part after injury. That"s just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe you"ve heard of lymphatic massage or dry brushing? These are *not* what is covered in this class. We are diving deeper.
If your deep lymphatics are overwhelmed, you may struggle to lose weight or resolve chronic pain. If your deep lymphatic vessels are, you might not even know about it until weeks/months/years from now, when "out of the blue" you might get a cancer diagnosis or an unexplained medical condition or pain syndrome.
Learning how to care for your lymphatic system will absolutely change your life. And it"s quick and easy.
What to expect:
Learn why your health depends on your lymphatic function
Go through a full body self-assessment of the current state of your lymphatic system
Learn some easy, simple, quick beginner self-treatments
Invite everyone you care about. This session is free, online, and recorded. The lymphatic system is more important than you know. Knowledge is power. Autonomy is power. Your health is at your own fingertips."

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