Functional Integration

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"The Feldenkrais Method recognizes our unlimited capacity to learn. It offers us a deeper understanding of who we are how we move, think and feel through a series of enhanced sensorimotor experiences. As these experiences awaken our awareness and free us from the restricted habits that we have developed over our lifetime, the Feldenkrais Method allows our full potential for living to emerge. After suffering crippling knee injuries, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais used his own body as a laboratory and merged his acquired knowledge of physics and the martial arts with his deep curiosity about biology, perinatal development, cybernetics, linguistics, and systems theory. He taught himself to walk again and in the process developed an extraordinary system for accessing the power of the central nervous system to improve human functioning.
Functional Integration sessions are the one-to-one form of the Feldenkrais Method. During a session, the practitioner creates an experience of increased flexibility, strength, comfort and ease of movement so that the student or client learns how to reorganize his/her movements in a more effective manner. The student learns how to move using more expanded array of functional motor patterns, custom-tailored to his or her own unique characteristics, focusing on a particular type of movement, activity or skill. The practitioner educates and rehabilitates through gentle, non-invasive hands-on guidance that sends tactile and kinesthetic messages directly to the movement centers of the brain."

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