Ho-Hum Karma

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Quoted From: https://corvalliszencircle.com/2022/10/02/ho-hum-karma/

"Contemplating one"s karma is a commitment to turn towards an infinite view. What landed you here? Where do you come from? What makes this moment? What cloth of your particular threads has woven this spectacle of the world in time and space, as it registers and defines what you are aware of?
That we can even contemplate the life that we have is in itself a wonder. The co-incidences are spectacular, when you think about it. What comes together in all the physical materials that make up this embodiment the five elements, or six if we include mind, awareness itself. In contemplating karma, we begin to discern what gets multiplied as our world in our narratives, identity, emotions, preferences, intentions.
Taking for granted the ordinary ho-hum of the familiar is a sorry habit. Spiritual practice opens the gate, the gateless gate, through which our little lives are revealed in their on-going enormity and happenstance."

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