How are Mentoring Sessions Different than Naturopathic Medicine Sessions?

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"Mentoring sessions do not include laboratory testing, medical diagnosis, or pharmaceutical prescriptions. Also, mentoring sessions can include health goals but are not limited to health goals. The goals set within a mentoring session can cover the full spectrum of life areas.
When we are discussing health goals in the context of a mentoring session, there are a number of ways they can be helpful while still being distinct from a Naturopathic medicine appointment. If you have received a prescribed lifestyle change or medical plan that you trust will help you but is hard to implement, a mentoring appointment can be helpful similar to health coaching for uncovering obstacles and creating a more detailed steps to support you in making the important change. Another option is illuminating fresh perspectives about an illness and your relationship to it by exploring it symbolically or as a messenger. Health is such an important aspect of how we experience life, so it may naturally find it's way into mentorship appointments that are primarily focused on another topic."

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