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"When you enter into a romantic partnership with someone, things feel easy and even flawless. You"re getting to know your new partner, experiencing those "firsts" and living in a constant state of butterflies. The initial "honeymoon phase" can sweep you off your feet and make your relationship flow and build with ease and pure bliss. This is not to say that the honeymoon phase always ends, and a dark cloud enters but often with time, your flaming hot new relationship fire will simmer down, and you will be left with a partnership that (hopefully) feels like home. The reality of adult partnerships, is that they take intention and effort. It doesn"t need to feel like work, but it does require mindfulness and purpose. It"s important to know that while love is a part of the fundamental building blocks of a relationship, it is not enough to carry that partnership to go the distance. If you"ve never read the self-help books on how to build and sustain a healthy relationship, then this one is for you. Keep reading to learn how to build a good relationship with your partner.s you settle into adulthood, you might begin to look for "the one," or maybe you"ve already found them. But finding the one isn"t the finish line and it definitely isn"t the only thing to work toward. The goal in your partnerships is to build a healthy and solid relationship; one that serves both people, brings out the best in each person, enriches your life and truly makes you a better version of you. Not all relationships accomplish those things, but that is what we all should aim for. A healthy relationship does NOT mean a relationship that is without conflict, and it definitely isn"t a relationship that lacks ups and downs. A healthy relationship is built on mutual respect, love, kindness, honesty and connection. All of those pieces are equally important in the list of boxes you want to check. But how do you get there? That"s why we"re here.
Tips to building a good relationship
Think of your relationship as a house your goal is to build a home that will withstand the test of time and weather any storm. You want a home that will feel comfortable, happy and strong and certainly one that won"t collapse or deteriorate with time. So, what does every good house start with? A sturdy foundation. The best way to begin a relationship, is with a friendship. A friendship that is built on mutual respect, honesty and transparency, reciprocal love and a beautiful connection. Your partner should be the first one you want to tell exciting news to and the person you go to for a listening ear, among many other things. A true friendship as the base of your partnership is a sure way to ensure a healthy relationship that will be strong and long-lasting.

You"ve probably heard it before, but there"s a reason for that. Effective communication is a building block for any healthy partnership. In order for your partner to know your thoughts, feelings, pain and joy you have to tell them. News flash: your partner isn"t a mind reader. When you are having feelings, either good or bad, you can"t expect your partner to know what they can"t know. It is your job to express it to them and communicate effectively. On the flip side, you need to be ready to listen and really hear your partner when they communicate with you. And remember, listen to hear, not to respond. If both partners in the relationship can willingly and honestly communicate consistently and just as equally willingly create a safe space for their partner to communicate honestly, your relationship will be ahead of the curve. Communication eliminates the likelihood of misunderstandings, assumptions and unnecessary conflict.

And by this, we don"t mean using your senses. There is so much value in sitting with your partner and listening to them; holding space for them in times where they need it most. When someone feels seen by their partner, it builds trust and connection on a deeper level. It creates a safe space for the person to feel comfortable sharing their true self and nothing brings you closer than that. When your partner shares with you, listen to them. Try not to listen while thinking of what you will say in response, listen instead to fully understand them. Hear their words, feel their feelings, meet them where they are at and validate them. Everyone wants to feel understood in life and relationships, and a partnership where both individuals feel seen is more likely to be strong and successful together. Try to remember this as you venture into any conversation with your partner and ask yourself; what are they experiencing and how can I validate that experience?

Whether you"re in the thick of a difficult and busy season, or the ever-changing tides of life are overwhelming you time together has to be a priority. Obviously, there are times when alone time, face to face, is more obtainable than others. But putting aside even one evening a week dedicated solely to you as a couple will make a difference. It"s so much easier to get caught up in the busyness of life and just go through the motions, but having time set aside for you and your partner to reconnect is crucial in maintaining a healthy and positive connection. If you can, dedicate a night to regular date nights. Keep in mind that date nights don"t HAVE to be fancy nights out or tickets to a Broadway musical. Another version of a date night, on the more exhausted evenings, is renting a good movie, ordering in your favorite restaurant and cuddling up on the couch. It"s less about what you do with that time together and more about creating a space in your schedule for that time together.

Physical intimacy is one of the main components of a functional romantic partnership. The strongest relationships are thriving in their mental and emotional connection, as well as their physical connection. With that said, physical touch is not everyone"s love language; which can make this piece hard in some dynamics. When there is a mismatch in sexual drive or a disconnect in the desire for sexual frequency, it can lead to frustration on both sides. It"s important to find satisfaction for both individuals physically, which can mean compromise and healthy, open communication about wants and needs. With that said, there are other ways to build physical intimacy in a relationship. It begins long before the bedroom."

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